The transaction process for Veturilo is quite straightforward. You need only type in your billing/shipping information along with your debit or credit card number. Once you’ve clicked on the Pay button, the order will take place. 

On the rare occasion you encounter unexpected problems, you can resolve them quite easily. We have gathered the most common ones, to assist you in solving them and proceeding with your order, as expected. 

If the issue you’re up against is not included, please, be sure to drop us a ticket.

1. No network connection

There is a chance your transaction was not completed due to connectivity issues. In that case, no charges will be made and a corresponding message will be displayed on your screen, as illustrated in Fig.1


Please, check your internet connectivity status before you try again. Once you have ensured that you’re connected, try entering your credit card details once more.

2. Error: Your card was declined

Another common cause for incomplete transactions is entering inaccurate credit card details. The card number you should use when attempting a transaction must exactly match the number on your debit/credit/prepaid card. This includes the three digit (CVV) number on the back of your card. 

If you haven’t entered any of these numbers correctly, your card will be declined. No charges will be made and you will be prompted with the respective error message on the top of your screen, as illustrated in Fig.2.



Please, carefully re-type and double-check your credit/debit card number and CVV number before you attempt payment.

3. Error: Your card has insufficient funds

When attempting a transaction, please make sure there is sufficient fund available in your bank account or credit/debit/prepaid card balance. 

In case of insufficient fund, your transaction will fail. No charges will be made and you will be prompted with the related message on your screen, as illustrated in Fig.3


You can always try again once you have topped up your account and are all set to make the transaction.