How is data transmitted from the device to the app on my phone?

All data is transmitted through a wireless mobile connection to the cloud. Your mobile app then receives that data from the cloud. 

How often does the device report information?

The device reports information every 30 seconds while the engine is on. While the engine is off, information is reported every 6 hours. Alerts are reported within 5-10 seconds of the event whether the engine is on or off. Reporting times can vary depending on cellular signal strength and coverage. 

How do I get notified about my vehicle's alerts?

There are two ways to view your vehicle’s alerts. The first way is through push notifications on your mobile phone. When an alert occurs, a respective push notification will be sent to your mobile phone. The second way is by opening the Veturilo mobile app and pushing the “alerts” button on the left side of the screen. 

What types of alerts are reported?

The app reports numerous alerts including RPM threshold, low battery, idling hard braking, towing, DTC alerts etc. 

I want to share some information about my vehicle with others

You can share your vehicle’s current location by pressing the “share” button on the dashboard. You can also share a screenshot of your dashboard by pressing the “Save Picture” button located on the dashboard. 

Why can’t I assign more than one device to my vehicle?

Only one device can correspond to one vehicle as the vehicle only has a single OBD II port. 

Can I assign more than one driver to a single vehicle?

Yes you can but only one driver at a time. Assign driver #1 to a vehicle for a specific trip and then assign driver #2 to the same vehicle for another trip. 

My fuel level always shows 0% even though the tank has fuel

Certain vehicles, especially ones manufactured before 2002, do not have a specific sensor, which provides the fuel level to the device. 

How is vehicle speed calculated?

Speed is calculated based GPS coordinates and not derived directly from actual dashboard speedometer. 

What is considered a “High RPM”?

High RPM is anything over 4500. 

How is idling calculated?

Idling is the amount of time the vehicle’s engine is on and the vehicle is not moving.