Is the Veturilo device compatible with my vehicle?

The Veturilo device is compatible with most gas and diesel passenger and light-duty vehicles manufactured in the US after 1996. 

I just received my Veturilo device. What’s the next step?

You will find a small instructions leaflet included in your shipment. Follow the steps to download the app, register and install your device to start viewing data. If you lost the leaflet you can view or download it here

Where do I plug my Veturilo device?

The device easily plugs into a 16-pin OBD II port typically found under or near the vehicle steering wheel. An OBD II port locator utility is provided through the Veturilo app, in order to assist in locating OBD II port of your vehicle.

Important Safety Information

NOTICE: Do not attempt to remove the device while the vehicle engine is powered on as this might cause the device to malfunction. Always make sure the engine is switched off before attempting to remove the device.

NOTICE: Do not attempt to remove the device and place it into another vehicle as this might lead to inconsistencies in vehicle monitoring and logging.